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Meet Evan Space, a lifetime resident of Michigan and an active citizen within community of the Grand Rapids and greater surrounding areas of West Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.  He has been an entrepreneur in small business for over 28 years.  Evan served in the Michigan Army National Guard for eight years deploying to Afghanistan and reaching the rank as Sergeant.  His education as a student continues with the pursuance of a BA in Political Science from Grand Valley State University and emphasis in film and video production.  He became a Free Mason to help better himself and the community through perseverance and compassion to all of humanity. His true drive to make this home state of Michigan better has inspired him to become the right leader to run our state.  The working class Michigander was raised up as religious man, for a time just like this.  Contact and explore our site we have created for a strong hearted, good willed candidate that could change our economy. Begin following him as your next great governor in history!

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Mission Statement:
      Our goal and mission under the Space administration for governor is to voice and deliver the need for all Michiganders. Evan will bring back a strong infrastructure for the state and its potential. Key goals include; Safeguarding educational systems, reform of health and auto insurance, investigate and seek out FOC, state courts, and DOC reformation, fix Flint water systems immediately with water mains from the Great lakes, restructuring the faulty geographical economy of the state with job development, reestablish an active-duty military base here in Michigan, environmental protection, legalization of the marijuana industry, create a large scale train system across the Straights of Mackinac uniting the Lower and Upper Peninsula while fixing pipeline 5, and bringing back Hollywood to Michigan! Let us get to work, “Regrowing Michigan”!

Michigan is needing regrowth

It is time to fix our  state  and bring it back to life .

Safeguarding Education

Restructuring the faulty Geographic economy

Our country needs to ensure the education and future of our children.  By establishing a secure education in the state of Michigan, we can protect our public education and beneficial needs of our students.  Charter school education is solid in school programs, but it is not the resolution to depletion of public schools and programs.   
Throughout Michigan, bankrupty, faultering economies and environmental crisis in cities and other areas in the state are in need of change and immediate developement and fixing.  The current administration we have now needs to be readjusted and corrected.  Space and his administration will work to reamplify the necessary needs for the residents of Michigan and bring balance to both sides of the parties creating productive government.

Seeking out reformation of family courts

Job Development

Family and life growth is always a challenge of perserverance and life does not work out the way it should be and families succomb to unreconsiable differences of dispute or hardships.  In this, children are involved and should always be considered in equality among the parents being noted at those who work to contribute and be an active an equal provider.   Under circumstances of all conditions that are met, every parent should have equal time and dispertion of pay in custody of the children.  To unbalance a difference in the view of custody of mother or father and any other suited parental figures of the child and who holds the primary care, and secondary care, either side should be adjusted to allow proper living stability so both sides of the family involved may function tollerablly.
The state of Michigan's unemployment remains at a steady rise and fall, but has yet to overcome the breaking trend to actually setup jobs for the unemployed that remain consistent and strong.  Permanent jobs should be a focus that we must not overlook and deny, Evan will seek to find and create avenues of stability in job placement for the state that brings the Michigan worker decent wages and steady income into all households and individuals.  Mr. Space's administration will work on projects that incorporate these necessary movements: from energy resource fields creating energy in Detroit, federal funding with an active duty military base, proposing a build of railway connections between the upper peninsula and lower peninsula, and rewarding tax incentives to companies that establish themselves as key employers to Michigan workers ranging from Hollywood filming in our state or other major employment groups that develop revenue.  The administration  will continue to listen to the residents of the state and post other ideas and propositions that may become beneficial for jobs here in Michigan.

Re-establishing an active duty military base

Environmental Protection

Michigan has one of the greatest geographical environments in the United States especially with four seasons and the largest fresh water reserve in the world, the great lakes.  Ecologically our states resources are immensive and need to be always be protected. Even as a moderate business conservative, Evan was a boyscout and is aware of the environment he grew up in.  Hunting, fishing, water recreation, and hiking are top activities to do here in Michigan. Being affected by budget cuts from the legislative and executive branch making drastic changes passing bills that would eliminate the protection, jobs, cleanup, and overall safety and security to our fresh water resources would devastate and ruin our land and ecosystem we charish and live in.  Evan Space will work to ensure the safety of Michigan's ecosystem and it's residents.
Evan Space is a proud service member to have served 8 years in our country's military and seeks to always to maintain strong connections with every military member, veteran, and civiilian involved.  After recently leaving service in the Michigan Army National Guard last year, Evan Space has seen an opportunity to bring one of the biggest potential changes to the state of Michigan and take on reopening an active duty base here in the state.  From cold weather training facilities, holding  one of the largest military land reserves in Camp Grayling, and advancing military establishments in Ft. Custer, our state has the capability to bolster one of the greatest training facilities and land movements training grounds in the nation.  Its an untapped resource and holds so much potential!  Mr. Space and his administration,
 guarantees to be the strongest and most dedicated military associated candidate for Governor in the state of Michigan and security as a border state in our nation.  Evan seeks to bring the lost numbers of guard memberes and reservist that serve here in Michigan.

Legalization of the marijuana industry

Marijuanan has been in prohibition for an extended period of time and is seen as potentially wrong in many views. Even though this was the norm of day to day understanding, times and knowledge of it's use and potential uses have drastically changed.  It is a type of drug that should be legalized and set with laws and regulations.  The benefits that cannibis can provide for people and its production use are limitless, only strengthening an economy under provisions of tax and regulations similar to alcohol.  There are now 9 states with full recreational use and 29 states with medical and support is on the rise.  Under full legalization, our administration will work to maintain laws and and regulations to keep or pass the bill when voted upon.  The taxation of marijuana will help benefit the stimulated growth and development of the states economy and increase funds to our budget without making cuts to jobs, programs, transportation, education, or pay of Michigan workers.

Marijuana taxes would cover:
  • Education programs
  • Road construction
  • Veterans benefits
  • Production of renewable energy
  • Social Services
  • Increases to revenue of state budget
  • Budget of civil service jobs (Fire Departments, Police and law enforcement, Conservation (DNR), Medical response

Maintain a fulltime State Senate

The  State of Michigan is coming under proposed bill ideas to cut the st to part time legislature  status.  This would limit the time spent in the house to a  max of 90 days and only allow a small frame work of time to successfully accomplish all the needed parts of the agenda.  With the uncertainty that has happened in Michigan lately, we as a state need to keep more time on the clock for necessary adjustments to work out all parts of the agenda without cutting time of legislation.  Even though other states have adopted a hybrid program, does not mean that our state is ready to do this as well.  It is crucial to make time for our state government to work properly and efficiently. If there is another crisis like Flint water or a pending issue that needs resolve where are we to be if our government is not there fulltime to fix the problem.  Lets look into other venue options that would be more suitable to the solution.

Rights of LGBT

Right to Arms 2nd Amendment

Under all circumstances in the state of Michigan, the rights given to the  community of the LGBT have been established through  the United States Supreme Court and thereby are acknowledged.  ​Enttitlement to education, family, and workforce are to be the same as the laws which are recognized by the Federal level in regard to the enttitled persons.  With the best discretion in the need of the State in moral reform the Space administration will be fair and listen to any concerns that may inflict conterversial concerns about any certain stipulations outside of these guidelines.  Every resident of the state should understand that as the law has been passed, it will take time to fluently bear the rightful and most appropriate adherement of any resident and level of comfortability through our communities.  Thereby we welcome a changing age of community and views to our state.
The Constitution of the United States protects our rights and freedoms.  Space and his administration will keep these rights and freedoms which include the rights of the second amendment "Right to bear arms".    Michigan is a sporting state with wildlife hunting and strong roots to gun ownership.   Keeping the rights to all entitled residents, Space will maintain the security of ownership and use throughout the state.



Every home, every family, every Michigander  has a voice big or small and Evan Space will listen to your voice, ideas, and concerns to make sure all of Michigan is heard. 

 From the seed we plant, roots develop and nuture our economy from a solid base and create a state that begins from the smallest population of a community to the largest city and county to become a region that we call home and can only be made by the most important piece of all, yourself!

Evan Space for Governor 2018

Fixing  our economy and bringing back Michigan!